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Tailored Learning Solutions

Tailored Learning Solutions

By tailoring learning solutions to the exact needs of our clients, FGI is able to ensure that its client’s employees:

  • Gain an in-depth knowledge and understanding of best practice for project, programme and service management
  • Gain experience of applying this knowledge in interactive workshops ideally using the tools and procedures that they use within their own working environment.



  • Tailored learning has many benefits, both to the organisation sponsoring the learning solutions and the delegates themselves.
  • Delegates gain greater confidence in their own organisation’s processes and procedures, as they can better appreciate how they relate to best practice principles.
  • This increases their buy-in to and use of tools and templates that the organisation has implemented, increasing the consistency and effectiveness of their performance.
  • Tailored learning can often be used in conjunction with traditional accredited training programmes, or indeed as a pre-cursor to establishing individual personal development plans.


Case Study One

UK Leading Aerospace & Defence Company

Prerequisites: The Business Change team were keen to develop their members in areas that fall outside of the Internal Training programme. They required learning that would be specific to them in addition to the theory of good practice, delivering immediate tangible benefits whilst at the same time including recognised qualifications.

Recommendation: FGI proposed that a programme of tailored modular training should be developed around those areas they highlighted as being a priority. The tailoring would include references to their existing process ‘bible’ so that it would be complimentary to it.

To reinforce the learning, delegates would have an assignment to do following on from the module developed in collaboration with the client.

The next stage would be an Assignment Review day to review and identify benefits gained and issues arising from the module. At this stage accredited exams would be taken where appropriate. Due to the nature of the subjects it was also important to involve their customers so a Workshop session including key customers was proposed followed by a Consolidation day to review the outcomes of the sessions and plan for the next phase of development.

Modules were to be developed around the following:

  • Using Agile Project Management™ Techniques within PRINCE2® & their existing Frameworks
  • Business Relationship Management
  • Managing Process Change
  • Managing People Change

Delivery: Was very well received and proved immediately to add value and has resulted in the potential delivery of the same programme to a wider audience.


Case Study Two

Leading Telecommunication Company

Prerequisites: ITIL® Bespoke Training with Increased Practical Application

Recommendation: The client required awareness training on the ITIL® Framework and the delegates to get the qualification at Foundation level.

Delivery: FGI heavily tailored the delivery of the standard ITIL® Foundation course to incorporate the key messages of the client (a half day ‘investment/scoping day’ was included). The course was extended to 4 days to allow time for additional group exercises based on processes and procedures and a number of internal documents.

Review: Successfully concluded and subsequently rolled out in other European locations.