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Sales & Customer Care

Sales & Customer Care

Whilst the below courses are primarily aimed at sales and customer care teams, it is our belief that most professionals could stand to benefit from these skills. With the amalgamation of roles we are facing in today’s business environment, it is a rare instance that a role will never interact with customers and will never need basic sales skills.


Did you know?

  • For every customer complaint there are 26 other unhappy customers who have remained silent. Good customer care ensures this statistic won’t apply to your organisation.
  • 13% of unsatisfied customers tell more than 20 people. Great customer care makes a difference in your bottom line.
  • Top sales professionals use LinkedIn for 6 hours every week. How much do your sales staff?

Below are some courses we developed on sales & customer care skills. If your needs are specific or if you require tailored courses, please contact us.


Understanding customer care

Despite every strategy of the organisation the customer will typically only see the front line employee. So how can you and your team improve the service you provide for your internal and external customers?

Why take the course?

  • it will help you recognise what good customer care is
  • it will give you the basics for excellence – listening, questioning, follow up
  • it will teach you how to deal with difficult situations

Customer service excellence

Delivering exceptional customer service is undeniably a skill. Providing this high level of service will bring many benefits to your organisation, amongst which a deeper understanding of your customers’ needs and less complaints.

Why take the course?

  • it will enable you to respond appropriately to the emotions of clients
  • it will show you how to create value-adding options for clients
  • it will help you gain agreement from clients

Handling telephone complaints

Handling and dealing with telephone complaints from dissatisfied customers is an underlying skill in itself. The stressful nature of dealing with difficult customers can create a lack of productivity, poor attitude, and a reluctance to come to work.

Why take the course?

  • it will theach you to build rapport and customer confidence
  • it will enable you to deal with tough calls with empathy and assertion
  • it will help you make the client feel their complaint is being addresses


Why Train with FGI?

  • Award winning business with a passion for customer service.
    Working within the industry for over ten years.
    Demonstrable return on investment.
    90% of our clients choose FGI again and again.
    Customer service constantly reviewed and maximised.
    Exam result notification before certificate is issued.
    Small class sizes, so our consultants have more time for each delegate.
    Dedicated business relationship managers for all accounts.
    Our business relationship team has over 40 years of FGI experience.
    Pass rates exceeding 97%
    Post-course support - helping you unlock the full potential of your new skills.
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