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Soft Skills

Everybody knows that, in the competitive corporate landscape, every little counts. So if there was a way for your employees to be better at their jobs and gain your company a competitive advantage, would you think twice before investing in it?

Successful employees don’t only have the right knowledge for their job, but also the skills to apply their know-how in the most effective way. Clean, concise communication can help teams collaborate better. Knowing how to motivate others can make or break a team and its success. And let’s not forget, having the technical skills to use software to its fullest potential can often save a lot of time and increase productivity.

Focusing on empowering your staff and enhancing their performance, our Soft Skills courses complement and support our existing training portfolio in Service Management, Project Management, Programme Management and Change Management.

Why FGI?
Having FGI as your training partner means you will receive training which is tailored to your specific needs. This will ensure your business objectives, your organisational culture and business challenges will be taken into consideration during the courses. Moreover, as all of our trainers are highly experienced in applying these skills in the workplace, training will be practical and interactive so as to be easily incorporated into the day to day job of our delegates.

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