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M_o_R® Managing Project & Programme Risk

M_o_R® Managing Project & Programme Risk

Course Outline

The management of risk has become one of the one of the most important issues facing all businesses and public service organisations. Much of this risk arises from change initiatives and, as projects and programmes are the most prevalent vehicles for delivering change, there can be far-reaching repercussions when risk within these vehicles is not managed effectively.

This one-day workshop will take a practical look at risk management within projects and programmes, while also drawing upon guidance from the latest Best Practice approaches.

Course Content

The course will cover:

  • The nature of a project, its aims, its function, its organisation and its context within strategic and/or operational change;
  • The definition of a programme, its purpose as a vehicle for managing strategic change, its organisation and its relationship with constituent projects;
  • How the management of project and programme risk relates to risk management in the corporate context;
  • The organisation and attendant roles and responsibilities necessary for successful management of project and programme risk;
  • The establishment of a pragmatic framework for the management of project risk, including processes for risk identification, recording, evaluation and ownership, along with the setting of risk tolerance/appetite;
  • Methods of responding to risks and for determining the effectiveness of those responses;
  • Methods of planning and budgeting within projects and programmes for effective risk management;
  • The typical areas of risk that effect projects and programmes;
  • The key elements of a programme level risk management policy.

Throughout the course, consideration will also be given to ways in which a conducive risk management culture can be created.

Course Objectives

Who Will Benefit?

The course is aimed at anyone with responsibility for project and/or programme management, as well as those with roles that include involvement with the management of risk. This will include public officers, senior and operational managers, as well as those in specialist disciplines such as Information Technology, Audit, Compliance, Change Management and Project/Programme Support and Assurance.



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