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M_o_R® Making Effective Risk Management a Reality

M_o_R® Making Effective Risk Management a Reality

Course Outline

Risk is one of the most important issues facing all businesses and public service organisations. Managers and business leaders must therefore be aware of the most up-to-date approaches for managing risk. They must also understand how to make their own risk management practices as effective as possible.

Course Content

This one-day workshop will explore the very latest risk management guidance. It will:

  • Consider the essential elements of an over-arching risk management policy and its role as a component of sound corporate governance;
  • Review the current Best Practice guidance, along with other standards for general and specialised risk management;
  • Determine a generic risk management framework, which will be applicable to the strategic and operational levels of an organisation, as well as to both projects and programmes;
  • Review risk identification and recording techniques, including advice on risk registers and other support tools;
  • Suggest how risks should be defined in order to make them unambiguous and more easily manageable;
  • Examine techniques for evaluating risks so as to ensure consistency across the organisation;
  • Establish the roles and responsibilities of the Risk Manager and how these differ from those of risk owners;
  • Analyse the means by which to establish and use risk tolerance/appetite;
  • Consider the various risk response and control measures and suggest which are most appropriate for different types and categories of risk;
  • Examine how the effectiveness of risk responses/controls can be determined and how this information can influence future risk management practice;
  • Suggest methods by which risk management should be incorporated into business planning at strategic/corporate and operational levels, as well as into project and programme plans;
  • Consider how required risk management practices can be embedded into an organisation, such that they become an intrinsic part of day-to-day activities (this will include a review of methods by which prevailing beliefs and attitudes can be modified so as to change individual and group behaviours).

Course Objectives

Who Will Benefit?

The seminar is ideal for anyone with at least a basic understanding of risk management. This will include directors, public officers and other senior managers. The seminar will also be of use to those in specialist disciplines such as corporate or clinical governance, compliance, audit, emergency planning, organisational and workforce development, project/programme management, human resources and service delivery improvement.



Private On-Site Training:

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