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M_o_R® Introductory Briefing

M_o_R® Introductory Briefing

Course Outline

Risk is one of the most important issues facing all businesses and public service organisations. It is therefore essential that those charged with a duty of stewardship remain fully aware of the most up-to-date approaches for managing risk.

M_o_R® provides a consistent means of managing risk right across an organisation. It is entirely scalable and is relevant to all types of enterprise, from private companies to international corporations, from specialised agencies to multifaceted public service providers.

Devised by the UK’s Cabinet Office, it acknowledges that risk can take various forms – commercial, financial, political, environmental, cultural, etc. It also recognises that risk arises, effects and must be managed at all levels of an organisation corporate/strategic, tactical and operational.

Course Content

This special half-day briefing will:

  • Consider the commercial and organisational context within which risk must be managed, focusing upon the requirement to achieve the apparently competing objectives of continuity and change;
  • Review the means by which business change programmes should be managed so as to deliver the desired benefits whilst minimising risk;
  • Examine the background to the creation of M_o_R®, the UK government’s latest Best Practice guidelines on how risk should be identified, analysed, evaluated and managed;
  • Introduce the frameworks, methods and techniques embodied within M_o_R® and consider how these can be used effectively to address real-world situations;
  • Suggest and summarise the means by which a structured approach, such as M_o_R®, can be implemented.

Course Objectives

The briefing is ideal for anyone with strategic or operational responsibility for corporate (or clinical) governance and/or the implementation of business change initiatives. This includes Chief Executives, Managing Directors, Finance Directors and public officers, as well as senior managers and those in specialist disciplines such as compliance, audit and emergency planning.



Private On-Site Training:

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