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Change Management Overview

Change Management Overview

Course Outline

This overview of the impact of change from different perspectives within an organisation will equip delegates with an understanding of the challenges of Change Management, why change happens, how it happens and what needs to be done in order to overcome resistance to change. The course is intense with extensive delegate participation and opportunities to apply Change Management models, tools and techniques to a variety of scenarios

Course Content

  • Individual Change
    • Identifying what factors affect an individual’s response to change
    • Recognising how and why individuals resist change
  • Team Change
    • Learning about leadership issues in team change
    • How team change impacts organisational change
  • Organisational Change
    • Identifying key metaphors of organisational change and how they link to Change Management

Course Objectives

  • Define what change means in a work environment and examine its impact on individuals, teams and the organisation as a whole
  • Understand the impact of change on individual and team productivity
  • Explore team dynamics, the criteria for effective teams and the effect change initiatives can have on team productivity
  • Analyse how different organisation types are affected by change.

Who Will Benefit?

The course is highly suitable for those staff who require an understanding of how to manage the change brought about by projects.

Course Materials:

Delegates will receive FGI Managing Change courseware, which includes an exercise pack.

Private On-Site Training:

This course can also be taught privately at your workplace by our accredited trainers, for more information read about our on-site training.

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