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PRINCE2® for Project Board Members

PRINCE2® for Project Board Members

Course Outline

However experienced in their own areas, Project Board Members may be less sure of how to be effective as a member of a PRINCE2® Project Board. This course, run as a workshop of duration as required, equips Project Board Members with the PRINCE2® terminology and concepts, and prepares them to operate in different project board situations. It familiarises them with the PRINCE2® decision-making processes and will show them how to maintain the momentum of the project in the right direction, with the least bureaucracy. Delegates should come equipped with details of a current or proposed project on which to work during the event.

Course Content

  • Projects in the business context; project lifecycles
  • Overview of Project and Programme organisation
  • Roles and responsibilities of Project Board Members; Project Assurance
  • Roles and responsibilities of the Project Manager; Project Support
  • Preparation, review and approval of the Business Case
  • Review and approval of the Project Brief
  • Review and approval of the Project Initiation Document: Initiating the project
  • Monitoring and appraising progress; dealing with Issues, Exceptions and Risks
  • Decision making at significant events
  • Closing the project

Course Objectives

Participants will be able to:

  • Describe the strategy/business need/project lifecycle
  • Understand their individual and collective responsibilities and accountabilities related to their pivotal position in steering the project
  • Appreciate the factors that they should consider in establishing the project’s management environment
  • Prepare, review and approve a Business Case, review/approve a Project Brief initiate a project based on sound evaluation of the project rationale, plans, risks, etc. with clear terms of reference and agreed accountabilities for themselves and the Project Manager
  • Effectively monitor and appraise the progress of a project at the appropriate level of detail
  • Identify the significant events in a project at which decisions should be made to continue, re-scope or terminate a project
  • Evaluate the success of a project

Who Will Benefit?

Managers who have been, or are about to be, appointed to a PRINCE2® Project Board.



Private On-Site Training:

This course can also be taught privately at your workplace by our accredited trainers, for more information read about our on-site training.

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