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Course Outline

PRINCE2® Lite is designed to provide delegates with an overview of the PRINCE2® methodology, and a practical understanding of how a scaled down, or “Lite”, version can be used to manage their own small and low risk projects.

The course can either be used to achieve a general understanding of project management with PRINCE2® or as a preliminary to further training.

The PRINCE2® Lite course is inclusive of colour courseware and post course tutor support.

Course Content

The course covers the full scope of managing projects with PRINCE2® and is interactive, with ample opportunity for discussion.

  • The Project Environment
    • Project Characteristics
    • Project Scale: Complexity, Innovation, Budget, Risk
    • Project Lifecycle
    • Project Critical Success Factors
    • Key Features of PRINCE2®
  • Project Documentation
  • Controlled Project Start
    • Project roles and responsibilities
    • Defining and justifying the project
  • Project Planning and Risk Management
  • Controlled Project Progress
    • Controlled delegation
    • Management by exception
    • Reporting and communication
    • Dealing with issues and changes
  • Controlled Project Close
    • Gaining acceptance
    • Learning Lessons
    • Post-Project Review

Course Objectives

This course will enable participants to:

  • Describe the characteristics of a project and appreciate why projects need to be managed
  • Describe the benefits of using PRINCE2® as a project management methodology
  • Demonstrate their understanding of the key elements of project management with PRINCE2®
  • Identify risks, issues and changes within a project and how best to manage them
  • Determine the applicability of project management to their own work
  • Assess their own projects in respect to what they have learnt

Who Will Benefit?

The course is highly suitable for staff requiring a general understanding of how to manage projects with PRINCE2®, and serves as an excellent introduction to the UK’s de facto standard project management methodology.

It will be particularly useful for staff who tend to be involved in small, low risk projects and do not need to apply the PRINCE2® method very extensively.

It has also proved extremely valuable as a first introduction and preliminary training course for staff going on to further project management training courses but who lack relevant experience of project work.


It will be extremely beneficial to delegates if PRINCE2® Lite documentation templates are developed prior to running this course. FGI can assist your organisation in developing “Lite” processes, procedures, standards and documentation, or we can provide a standard set as part of the course exercise pack.


Delegates will receive FGI PRINCE2® Lite courseware and the PRINCE2® Pocketbook.

Private On-Site Training:

This course can also be taught privately at your workplace by our accredited trainers, for more information read about our on-site training.

If you would like more information on this course, please Contact Us.