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MSP® Management Briefing

MSP® Management Briefing

Course Outline

Successful implementation of change in an organisation is critical to the achievement of corporate objectives. However, for many senior managers the full implications of sponsoring, resourcing and benefiting from change remain elusive. This briefing uses a variety of methods to enable participants to think through these important aspects and consider how they might be developed and deployed within their own organisation, particularly through use of MSP® (Managing Successful Programmes).

MSP® was devised by the UK’s Cabinet Office. Designated as Best Practice, it provides a structured, but non-prescriptive approach to managing substantial change initiatives by use of programmes.

Course Content

The briefing will begin with an outline of the nature of programme management, using details from MSP® as and where appropriate. During this time, attendees will be encouraged to ask questions about and discuss the issues surrounding the management of change. The briefing will then move from a generic approach to change to one that concentrates on ‘what will work in our organisation?’ This will be facilitated, in part, by the use of a proposed scenario.

The briefing will consider:

  • The nature of change;
  • Problems associated with making changes;
  • What would be required to enhance the change process;
  • The pertinent elements of MSP®.

Course Objectives

The briefing will enable attendees to:

  • Understand the imperative for programme management;
  • Appreciate the essential differences between programme management and project management;
  • Engage with a structured approach to programme management;
  • Begin to work through the issues surrounding the implementation of a sound programme management method.

Who Will Benefit?

The briefing is focused upon the needs of senior managers, including Chief Executives and directors. It will be of particular benefit to organisations considering the introduction of a structured approach to programme management.



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