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Training Needs Analysis

FGI can work with you to provide guidance in the development of your training plans, whether for a project, programme or across a financial year for all areas of your workforce. We are able to conduct a comprehensive Training Needs Analysis (TNA) to define the training and development needs for your organisation.
FGI will assess the current skills and competencies of your staff and compare them to the desired situation. This Gap Analysis will identify the training that is required. FGI can also provide an input into your strategies for training, to ensure that training and development plans contain the correct balance of directed, formal training and self-directed informal learning support.

All of FGI’s TNAs are tailored completely to your organisation’s needs and fully consultative – please call one of our Team on 01926 405777 for more information.

Maturity Assessment

When an organisation decides to embark on the journey of adopting Best Practice, it is important to benchmark the maturity of the organisation’s process at the start of the process, as well as points during the improvement activities. FGI’s experienced consultants are able to conduct Maturity Assessments for ITIL IT Service Management, PRINCE2 Project Management, MSP Programme Management, and M_o_R Risk Management. FGI pride ourselves on the knowledge bank that our Consultants provide and we are able to assess your organisation and guide you to assign goals and help you attain them. This, of course, is not an ‘out of the box’ solution … so we are here to consult you and be there to help at all times.

Please call us to discuss your requirements on 01926 405777.

Gap Analysis

Working hand-in-hand with our Health Checks and Maturity Assessments, FGI can provide a Gap Analysis against Best Practice in IT Service Management, Project and Programme Management, and Risk Management and recommend the key areas that require focus and the best ways in which to improve process adherence, so, closing the ‘gap’.

Please contact our Consultants on 01926 405777 for more information on how we are able to help you.

Health Checks

Whether you are looking to embed ITIL, PRINCE2, MSP or M_o_R, or just wanting a fresh pair of knowledgeable eyes to look over the business, the FGI Health Check can provide valuable information.
FGI will draw up a Roadmap to Service and/or Process Improvement to document your organisation’s desired future state. By comparing the “As Is” picture with Best Practice, FGI will make recommendations as to where and how Services and Processes need to be improved.
Please call us on 01926 405777 to discuss your needs further and where we are able to help.

Process Design and Implementation

Attending a Best Practice training course is only the start of the journey towards improving organisational ways of working. FGI can provide assistance to organisations starting to design, or improve, their processes for IT Service Management, Project and Programme Management and Risk Management.
We are able to run process review and design workshops to map the current ‘As Is’ process, design the ‘To Be’ process and provide guidance on how an organisation can move from one state to the next.
As project and programme management experts, we are also able to provide planning guidance for process improvement projects.

Please contact our team of expert Consultants to discuss your requirements in more detail on 01926 405777.

ISO/IEC20000 Support

What is the difference between adopting a framework of Best Practice advice and guidance and following an auditable standard?
ITIL provides guidance on how to manage your IT services; the auditable international standard of ISO/IEC20000 defines what an IT Service Management organisation should provide.
Achieving the ISO/IEC20000 standard can be viewed as a marketable quality, and provide competitive advantage as well as assurance of the quality of services provided. It is a standard that is highly desirable for managed service providers, as it can give their customers greater confidence and trust in the quality of their service provision, and be seen as a way of reducing risk.

FGI can support an organisation throughout the process of achieving the ISO/IEC20000 standard. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements with us on 01926 405777.

Project and Programme Management Support

As an Accredited Training Organisation for PRINCE2, Agile Project Management and MSP, FGI is able to give advice and guidance on all aspects of project and programme management from scoping and defining projects and programmes to managing their delivery.

Please contact us on 01926 405777 and we would be very happy to provide more information.

Continual Improvement

History is full of major organisations that used to be leaders in their field, but which now have lost significant market ranking or have ceased to exist.
Continual improvement is a process of continually aligning and re-aligning all organisational aspects to the ever-business needs (everything can be improved). It is a structured process and a culture that needs to be implemented within all levels of the organisation in order for it to succeed – everyone in the organisation contributes to improvements.
FGI can provide guidance on how to improve your improvement culture to ensure that your organisation can adapt to changing customer requirements and market conditions.
Please contact us on 01926 405777 for more information.

Workshop Facilitation

Many of FGI’s Trainers and Consultants are also accredited Facilitators. We are able to provide a neutral, unbiased approach to the facilitation of a workshop for your organisation, together with pre-workshop preparation advice and post-workshop follow-up.
As these are all tailored specifically to your requirements please call us on 01926 405777 and we would be very happy to help.

Coaching and Mentoring

Are you looking to bring out the best in the people around you within your workplace?
“Coaching” and “Mentoring” have become well-known terms in the workplace and many managers will claim that they ‘coach’ their staff. The reality, however, is that few actually have the competencies, mind-set and capacity to do this effectively, and even fewer have received quality training in the ‘art’ of coaching and mentoring.
In order to develop their skills in these disciplines, delegates need to recognise good practice in workplace coaching and mentoring. They need to understand what coaches and mentors do, the processes they follow, and the qualities and abilities individuals need to be effective in these roles. The starting point for applying this knowledge is then to reflect on their own skills as a coach or mentor in the workplace.

We are able to work with you to look at new ways to embed a coaching and mentoring culture into the workplace to support the development needs of all of your people. Please call our team on 01926 405777 to discuss your requirements.


We are able to offer both DiSC®, Emotional Intelligence (EI) Management and Myers-Briggs Profiling services.
DiSC is a behaviour assessment tool based on the DiSC theory of psychologist William Moulton Marston, which centres on four different behavioural traits, which today are called: dominance, influence, steadiness, and compliance. It is the leading personal assessment tool used to improve work productivity, teamwork and communication.
DiSC is non-judgmental and helps people discuss their behavioural differences. The DiSC model provides a common language that people can use to better understand themselves and to adapt their behaviours with others. This can be within a work team, a sales relationship, a leadership position, or other relationships.
DiSC profiles can help you and your team:
• Increase your self-knowledge: how you respond to conflict, what motivates you, what causes you stress and how you solve problems
• Facilitate better teamwork and minimise team conflict
• Manage more effectively by understanding the dispositions and priorities of employees and team members
• Become more self-knowledgeable, well-rounded and effective leaders
If you participate in a DiSC programme, you’ll be asked to complete a series of questions from which FGI can compile a number of reports:
• Workplace report
• Comparison report
• Management report
• Leadership report
• Group culture report
• Five behaviours report.
EI Management Profiling
Emotional Intelligence Management Profiling enables you to discover the set of emotional and social skills that influence the way you perceive and express yourself, develop and maintain social relationships, cope with challenges, and use emotional information in an effective and meaningful way. EI can act as a powerful predictor of your performance and development potential.

However, Emotional Intelligence can change over time and can be developed in targeted areas through expert coaching. Increasing your Emotional Intelligence can help you:
• Create increased presence and authenticity
• Develop new, more productive and profitable relationships
• Increase and sustain your effectiveness.

FGI can profile your staff, managers and leaders and provide the following reports:
• Workplace report
• Leadership report
• 360° report
• 360° leadership report
• Group report.

These are both highly tailored and done with input from you the client. Please call to speak with one of our consultants who can walk you through your requirements on 01926 405777

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) assessment has helped millions of people worldwide gain insights about themselves and how they interact with others—and improve how they communicate, learn, and work. It provides a powerful framework for building better relationships, driving positive change, harnessing innovation, and achieving excellence. The MBTI assessment makes Carl Jung’s theory of psychological type both understandable and highly practical by helping individuals identify their preferences in four areas, which will in turn identify which of 16 personality types codes applies to each individual.
The Myers-Briggs assessment is the world’s most trusted personality assessment and easy to grasp, insightful, and thought-provoking. The results generated from a Myers-Briggs assessment are reliable and valid, and backed by ongoing global research and development investment.
FGI are able to perform both Part 1 and Part 2 Myers-Briggs assessments, which can be used for a wide range of applications, including:
• Team development—helps ease communication among team members, identify team strengths and weaknesses, and create action plans for improved performance
• Leadership development—deepens leaders’ understanding of their personality type and the types of those they are leading to help them manage better, give more meaningful feedback, and improve individual and team performance
• Conflict management—improves skills in identifying sources of conflict and intervening early to prevent underperformance, disruption, and disengagement
• Stress management—builds resilience, increases productivity, and offers strategies for identifying and managing stress triggers
• Career transition and planning—helps guide individuals on career choice, development, and management.

All of FGI’s profiling services are highly tailored and conducted with significant client input. Please call to speak with one of our consultants who can discuss your requirements on 01926 405777.