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About FGI Training and Consultancy

Our view on learning

When does learning begin and end? We believe that learning is a life-long experience – life teaches us more than we realise, but it’s up to us to put those lessons to good use.

We, at FGI Training & Consultancy, see learning as a holistic experience. It influences the way we perceive the world and our place in it. However, simply learning a new skill may not be enough on its own to produce a valuable change in your capabilities. Learning is needed on all levels – be it communication skills, technical skills, leadership or management – and then we benefit from having light shed on how to apply this in your particular role. In the same way you need all the colours of the rainbow mixed together to shed daylight on our world, you need all the skills available to shed light on complex tasks and be the best at what you do.

And since you’re learning, you might as well do it right the first time around. This is where we come in.


Our company: End-to-End Training Solutions

We, at FGI Training & Consultancy, are in the business of ensuring people and organisations to achieve their full potential. We achieve that by delivering a complete learning experience which is not “tick box training” and which prompts lasting results both on an individual and organisational level. We call it providing an end-to-end training solution.

Our wealth of skills, knowledge and experience of real life implementation, the expertise of our highly experienced Consultants and unique ‘critical friend’ approach underpin our reputation as the experts in our field.

FGI delivers a range of cost-effective solutions and irrespective the scales of the undertaking, the results are always tangible and lasting. Our focus on what you, our client, need and our attention to the detail of your operation means our approach is versatile, flexible and tailored to each individual situation.

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Tailored Learning

Tailored learning has many benefits, both to the organisation sponsoring the learning solutions and the delegates themselves:

  • Delegates gain greater confidence in their own organisation’s processes and procedures, as they can better appreciate how they relate to best practice principles.
  • This increases their buy-in to and use of tools and templates that the organisation has implemented, increasing the consistency and effectiveness of their performance.
  • Tailored learning can often be used in conjunction with traditional accredited training programmes (ITIL®, PRINCE2®, MSP®, Agile Project Management™, APM, Change Management) or indeed as a pre-cursor to establishing individual personal development plans

FGI Trainig & Consultancy provides a full range of accredited examination courses:

Training - the way it should be

We are unlike most organisations in the training arena – we are experienced providers of learning and consultancy, not simply brokers of other people’s courses.

We are the “whole package”. We go further than the majority of providers to make our training relevant and its effect positive and enduring.

We attend to every important detail because we want to get it right for you the first time on every occasion. Whether it’s structuring our courses around your organisation’s specific needs or working with your people after the course has ended, our role extends well beyond the classroom. We carefully match our Lecturers and Trainers to our clients to ensure our clients benefit from the breadth of practical experience each of our team members has in real world situations. We understand the academic, but teach from a practical perspective to ensure learning can be applied.

We are there for you every step of the way – consulting with you to understand your needs and to offer you the most cost effective solution, be it a one-off course or a year-long L&D plan, providing you with the industry’s best trainers and “A Grade” courseware, carefully chosen venues or tailored post-course support. What we won’t do is sell you a course that doesn’t match your needs nor an examination that is unlikely to assist your organisation’s aims.

Our area of expertise

We have three distinct areas of expertise. We are experts at Process, be it in the business, project or service management sectors. We are equally highly skilled at developing people through soft skills and management development. We can also provide technical training from an introduction to spreadsheets through Red Hat and Microsoft® Dynamics.

We provide accredited courses leading to formal examination. We’re exceptional at delivering PRINCE2® courses and that our delegates’ pass rates are the highest in the industry. Equally, we are ITIL® experts and our trainers have decades of real world experience. However, our clients and delegates tell us that what we are really good at is mind reading, because we think of everything, we anticipate your needs and we create the complete learning experience you’ve been looking for.

Some of our tools of the trade:

All these can be tailored and delivered to fully meet your needs. Don’t need the PRINCE2® accreditation, but could use the knowledge? We can sort that out. Your organisation would like to use PRINCE2® and APM together? We can put together a plan of implementation. Do your staff not have the time to attend a full day training session on soft skills? We can deliver workshops in bite-sized chunks which your employees can be in an out of to meet their busy schedule.